Massage therapy is the application of a set of techniques that will become people’s wellness through movements on different living tissues. This therapy works among other things on the skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments to improve health.

Here are the types of massage offered to you at the Passion Health Clinic


Therapeutic massage:


Therapeutic massage is characterized by its faster pace, it is invigorating and energizing. Aches can be felt in the next two days, before enjoying the full benefits. Massage therapist warmed the muscles with softer maneuvers. He then goes to the kneading stage, then to percussion. The pain is often normal, but it is not unbearable.


Therapeutic massage can also rebalance the digestive and lymphatic systems, and brings benefits to the whole body.


Relaxation massage:


The relaxation massage involves maneuvers that improve the circulation of blood, lymph and energy. The movements are soft, slow and of great amplitude. Some patients even fall asleep on the massage table during the session. It’s a normal reaction. One can regular basis these can even eliminat depression and / or relief of asthma, hypertension and heart disorders.


Lymphatic drainage:


Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique to stimulate blood circulation and detoxify the body, while strengthening the immune system. It is performed with the fingers and the palm of the body, following the direction of the lymphatic circulation and alternatively the pressure.